They are few out there that can offer so many top-notch acts, like The Wild Riders can. There is always something new and exciting to see...
Capture your audience from start to finish! In a moving tribute to Ol' Glory, the red, white, and blue are presented in high-flying fashion held by a beautiful young lady standing atop her galloping horse. While one rider posts the flag during the National Anthem, another enters at full speed in the Liberty Stand in a climactic salute to the USA! Openings and Closings can be customized. 


Pump up your crowd with Fast Paced - Energetic - Unbelievable - Death Defying Stunts!
Bright costumes, fast horses, pretty ladies and unbelievable tricks dazzle audiences everywhere! From flexible drags to graceful stands, The Wild Riders are known for their precision, speed, and beauty. Every performance brings in new costuming and new twists. The "Night Riders" glow-in-the-dark trick riding performance variation is like none other and one you won't find it anywhere else. Like fireworks lighting up the night sky, the spectacle of watching beautiful glowing figures flying around the arena on their trusty steeds in matching costuming, is absolutely mesmerizing. The finale of double rearing horses finishes each trick riding act in style. The crowds roar at the stunning daredevil horsemanship of The Wild Riders, as you can hear in the videos. This act is a classic and is bound to impress. 


Abigail gracefully exhibits an unbreakable bond between horse and human with her gorgeous, wild-born mustang, Tango. In this Flamenco style liberty act, Tango and Abigail dance across the arena floor with nothing more than the imperceivable cues of Abigail's gestures. To amplify the experience, she pops whips as Tango comes running to her, rears and dances on beat. This act is stunning and will have the crowd glued to their seats! First hitting the scene this last summer, fans and colleagues alike have given 5-star reviews! On more than one occasion audience members have shared that, "it was so beautiful it brought tears to [their] eyes."

This act is currently in trainingAbigail's colorful team works together as she races around balancing atop the two of them. She weaves and shows complete control as her team stretches out across the arena floor. Dressed in Native American regalia and displaying the American Paint and Appaloosa breeds, this vision of our heritage makes gorgeous trio that captures the imagination.

The Wild Riders- PRCA Equestrian Entertainment at it's FINEST! Email us at or call Abigail 319-850-2101 / Meishja 319-850-2102 to book your show today! 
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